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Breeder - Grower - Exporter
of flower bulbs and perennials
Export of bulbs and perennials

Ludwig & Co. is specialised in the in and export of quality flowers and flower bulbs from growers in the Netherlands and beyond.

Polianthes Tuberosa

We have an extended assortment with unique Polianthes tuberosa varieties which are available colours soft yellow, dark yellow, soft pink and lavender pink.
The pink variety is both available as single flower and double flower.

Outside Amaryllis / Park Amaryllis

A first in the world of amaryllis, an amaryllis grown outside on Dutch soil that is available throughout the year and is among the world the most sustainable bulb cultivations.

Please visit our website regularly for the latest information on our new cultivars.

About Ludwig & Co.


We are a leading company that focuses on renewing the bulb range, both on color and use. We are established in 1914 in the centre of the flower bulb district in Lisse, The Netherlands. We are a breeder, grower and exporter of flower bulbs and perennials worldwide.

The production of these bulbs is carried out at differed locations and climatic conditions. Over the years we have introduced many new varieties of amaryllis, garden amaryllis and polianthes, all with plant breeders’ rights.
Besides the breeding of different bulbs, we are a wholesaler of forcing bulbs (both spring as summer bulbs).

Advising the customer on products, product range, treatment and preparation plays a big role. The strength of us lies in the close collaboration between the producer, bulb treatment optimisation and the exporter of the bulbs, which gives a highly valuable product for customers.

In addition to breeding and trading of bulbs for ornamental value, Ludwig also supplies flower bulbs to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for the content substances (secondary metabolites). For this, together with other partners, we have started the company Holland Biodiversity B.V.

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